When we say that a team has improved its performance, we are saying that it has increased its efficiency. And efficiency is linked to doing more with less, delivering better results than the same or fewer resources. In this text, we will show you why defining Milestones helps you achieve this improvement.

After all, in the management world, for a company to be efficient, it needs to be aligned. After all, a team that doesn’t go in the same direction and direction doesn’t get where it wants to go.

Therefore, the first step in improving the performance of your team and your company is to define where you want to go.

How to get there?

Well, let’s start with the assumption that you already know where you want to go and already have well-defined key objectives and results.

After that, what would be the next step to improve your team’s performance?

For example: just like on a trip, where you first define the final destination, the second step is to define how you will arrive at the destination. Which means of transport, which way, which landmarks will you define to make sure that the way is the same? And it is precisely the “how to get there” that will help you improve your team’s performance.

Here at Roads, we call Milestone “how to get there”. Milestones are nothing more than the milestones, the deliveries we need to make along the journey to ensure that we are on the right track towards our goal. When defining the team’s deliveries, everyone will be aligned in the same direction and direction.

So why defining milestones will improve your team’s performance? You don’t know exactly the best path to take, but you know where you want to get. Each one of your team members believes in a different path. But for that, it is necessary to align which path they will follow, and that’s when we define our Milestones.

However, it is important to note that Milestones are not tasks. Milestones are DELIVERIES. Within each delivery, we have several tasks.

Milestones in practice

I’ll use an example of OKR and Milestone from the Growth team at Roads. In the first quarter of 2020, our OKR was:

Objective: To show people how Roads works

Key Results (KRs):

  • Reach 3,000 visitors to the site;
  • Get leads from 3 different countries;
  • Have a 10% lead conversion to MQL.

That was where we wanted to end the first quarter. We define the final destination of our trip.

Now it’s time to think about how to achieve these results.

Let’s go to Milestones!

In order not to extend too much, I will focus only on KR1, which is “Reach 3 thousand visitors on the website”.


  • Review the site built;
  • Create social media profiles;
  • Write and post Basic Papers;
  • Define social media posts strategy;
  • Improve SEO in the site;
  • Make first posts and dissemination;
  • Post 10 blog posts;
  • Schedule 30 publications on Linkedin;
  • Post Paper “Everything you need to know about Milestone”.

In addition to this Milestones, we had several others linked to KR1, I mentioned some to make it well illustrated.

Each of these Milestones listed above has several tasks that our team needed to perform to complete the delivery. To make it more visual, I will exemplify some of Milestones’ tasks “Creating profiles on social networks”.

The tasks of this milestone are:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile;
  • Invite page administrators;
  • Create a profile on Instagram;
  • Make the first posts on Instagram;
  • Create a Twitter profile in Portuguese, English, and Spanish;
  • Define categories of posts on Twitter;
  • Create a profile on Quora.

Summing Up

To improve your team’s performance, you need to keep your team aligned.

To do this, you need to know where you are going (Objective: Show people how Roads works, KR: Reach 3,000 visitors on the site).

You need to know how to get there (Milestone: Create profiles on the social network).

And you need to know what to do to get there (Tasks: Create Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn profile).

Therefore, we know why defining Milestones will improve your team’s performance because everyone will be in the same direction and direction. A team that concentrates all its efforts on the same point, tends to reach it faster and more efficiently!

Knowing this, do you want to apply Milestones to your company? Roads can help you!

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