Work in what really matters using this magic framework

Use these simple principles that will guide how your company will execute the work.

Scrum isn't hard, but you will need to study and have discipline

Learn the basics to transform the way your company is working. Prepare to make massive vital changes in your company, diminishing the levels of complexity.

You need to focus and think about what are the things that you can do today that create most value

Prioritize all your thoughts, break all of then as specific as you are able to, your team will make much better and faster deliveries. You will have a backlog, that is necessary for a Sprint Planning.

Follow the rituals, engage your team, be agile and deliver success

Have a clear description of the work you’ll do to influence a Key Result. Your company will surely work on another level with an aligned company.

Now its work time! 1 to 4 weeks that you will work to deliever all of these tasks!

Why will you work on different things than the ones that are really important? Deliver the tasks that you can. Use the Team and the Scrum Master to get shit done.

Analyze your results, meet your team and repeat the cycle growing your productivity

Using Scrum will change the way your company works; it will require discipline but will transform your execution. Be prepared to see a boost to productivity and value!

Discover how to master Scrum:


If you still want to implement Scrum in your company or are having problems with the change to it, this paper is for you!

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If you want to learn how to manage your teams in an agile way so that they deliver faster and with higher quality. Meet Scrum!

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Tell us your objectives and discover how to transform your organization!

Combine Scrum with OKR and Milestones aligning your agile execution to strategy.


Where do I want to go? This answer provides the objective.

How will I know if I got there? This answer provides Milestones or Key Results.

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Milestones are a way to observe, measure and monitor the progress and/or performance of a project. Have a clear definition of all you delivers that will guide to better Key Results.
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