The dream of transforming the world motivated the creation of roads. Reducing management complexity, aligning strategy and executing to make the world a better place is our mission. Make every company aligned and

Believing that the world is inefficient because it does not work correctly has made me try to create a tool that will positively impact efficiency and the ability to start businesses.

We live in a new world; management can no longer be the same. 97% of companies still use manual forms of management; in the digital age can not accept this scenario. Knowing the challenges of the entrepreneur, I am sure that it is challenging to implement a method or work tool, but in the same way, get results from it.

I lived the need to manage to grow and went after finding out how companies work and how they organize themselves. From management evolution to today in real life in traditional companies and startups. Studying methodologies and also the real world of work, in the view of different hierarchical levels.

Going through the consulting universe, living close to management challenges, you didn’t think you’d find in companies that we’re “winning the game.” An inefficiency is huge! No further. I have not met any company to date that has no strategic bottlenecks that would prevent it from growing, but one company remains the same, stagnant at the wheel of life.

The difficulty to see without a doubt makes everything more complicated, the old systems can be more challenging to change, to move who is getting more complicated. But this is the scene of the next Roads chapters.

We came to focus on strategy and execution, empowering those who are working in companies, and today we no longer work most efficiently, not taking full advantage of the complexity of all members. We are transforming companies by using service management methods, with software as a tool.

We will only rest after transforming work, enabling companies to achieve previously unreachable goals, and creating more complexity in their work.

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