We started to run the methodology on a single team whose I was the Product Owner (or just PO), but our great challenge was to achieve the spreading of Scrum in the whole enterprise. We were small yet, with only five teams counting twenty people, but we already saw the necessity of an efficient management method. Consequently, we decide to initiate our journey spreading the Scrum methodology on the entire business.  

Since the company weren’t big, everybody already knew what was going on the Marketing team and were also noticed what Scrum is. We’re excited with what we have purposed, so the road were easier. We’ve finished the two first Sprints on Marketing team, so then we could start spreading the Scrum for the rest of us. 

How we started

We invited the Marketing team to help us propagate the content and have done our first training, following the logic of start in small steps , not only introducing to all on a sudden.

Beyond explain the main benefits of Scrum, the roles, responsibilities e the reason we were purposing to implement it, we insert an even richest part on the training. The Marketing team have shown their feedback with the methodology. A real feedback, from real people helping on our thesis: what was important to us, since the Scrum needs to be a cultural change.

During this path, we discovered one of the most important things that the Sprint cycle works well: the PO work. The result of this activity is essential to the cycle to work, therefore must be done with much dedication. It’s fundamental to have compromise with the backlog and be engaged with the methodology, because it contributes a lot with the team’s performance. Exactly due that, to be close from this function shown one of our majors achieves.

Our mistakes and achieves

We began th cycle on the two teams, and we saw that the mistakes and flaws from each was really similar from the ones who happened at Marketing. As resulted of this we started to notice some patterns on the difficulty to implementing the methodology, and with this maped, we repeated our formula on the remaining teams. With a few time, we already had an entire enterprise running with the same methodology, adapted and spreaded to the needs of each person.

Our results were also the same: we still haven’t maturity and couldn’t deliver all the tasks who weren’t 100% clear to all and then, not executed. Plus that, some teams had too an large unforeseen demand, whose team’s compromise ended harm.

Remember: every coworker have his own vision

People were different and each has an own perception of the methodology. We soon figured we had an unengaged Product Owner, who didn’t fulfilled the backlog and consequently muddle the whole team impacting on their results negatively. The delivers didn’t happen ans the past’s chaos was present again.

I noticed that for this PO, keep the commitment to the methodology was more difficult, and today I already understand that I should have searched comprehend more the reason the others see so many value and he didn’t. We tried in many ways to engage him, but without any success. At the time, implementing Scrum where our objective in their in the enterprise. For that reason I was clear: or we follow the way we define it or you aren’t into the team’s culture.

I needed to take this hard decision, after all, this change must be cultural. The enterprise need  to clarify what will be the accepted behaviors and also what won’t be tolerated. In our case, we left explicit that we have the commitment with the methodology and search to improve ourselves and be better every new cycle developing individuals and also the teams.

Improvements we had spreading Scrum

The micromanagement from the past didn’t exist anymore: we were running our Sprint cycles and improving every new cycle, fixing our mistakes as Scrum Masters, accompany the product owners and giving the necessary support to our teams. We did constant trainings with everybody, keeping our commitment check. Our results improved largely and successfully: from twenty people we went to sixty, only in the first year. The Scrum was our basis, for that reason we saw so many value on this methodology. We believe it can can leverage what we have better. Going by steps, understand where we went right, where we can improve and mainly, where we could advance, was the secret to everything work.

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