If you are reading this text, it is because you already know, even if superficially, the Scrum methodology. And now, he wants to understand better who the Scrum Master is, one of the three fundamental roles within Scrum.

As you know, in Scrum, we have the Product Owner (PO), the Scrum Master, and the Scrum Team. To better understand the role of everyone, but mainly of the Scrum Master, let’s compare these figures with a football team. The PO would be the owner of the team, which is concerned with the results of the institution who defines which championships should be a priority for the club.

Meanwhile, the Scrum Team is like the team itself, the athletes who go out on the field. He is the one who performs the tasks, plays the game according to a methodology defined by his coach. And the coach is the Scrum Master! Responsible for philosophy, method, game tactics. One who seeks the best players for the position and how to make each player deliver the best of themselves.

And in the business world, who is the coach?

What is the Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is the person responsible for helping the PO and the Scrum Team to solve their problems. He is a leader-server whose role is to help the team to follow the best practices of Scrum, making work more relevant and agile! A servant leader is one that allows the team to have a system of mutual and continuous cooperation, in which the leader and the team have the same power of speech and influence in decisions, enabling the adoption of more efficient practices and policies.

The leader-server should seek to help teams and POs, asking, for example: “how can I help you be more efficient in your work.” He is not the owner of the answers, but the one who asks the right questions for the team to find the correct answers.

The main characteristics that a person must have to perform this role well are::

  • Know the Scrum methodology VERY well;
  • Be a leader-server and guide for the Scrum Team;
  • Be a facilitator of Scrum events;
  • Be present to help the Scrum Team;
  • Be an agent of change;
  • Always seeking to resolve conflicts;
  • Be neutral enough to guide the team on the right path;
  • Be proactive, self confident and courageous.

Of all the points listed above, one of the main ones, along with being a Scrum expert, is that the Scrum Master should be a neutral facilitator. This is important because the role of the coach is not to “go on the field and score the goal”. He must be able to analyze the circumstances thoroughly and increase the responsibility, capacity, and efficiency of the team and the PO. For this, it is indicated that the Scrum Master is not the PO and is not part of the Scrum Team.

And how should the Scrum Master act to make the team more efficient?

Scrum Master Functions

In the daily routine of the Scrum Master, the first function is to conduct the Scrum events (daily, review, retrospective, planning ..), ensuring that the methodology is respected. Besides, at all times during the sprint, the server leader must act by valuing the team’s ideas and opinions by encouraging innovation and creativity, strengthening respect for differences, and building relationships of trust. With its high power of persuasion, through communication, questioning, and recognizing the needs, the Scrum Master will rule the team with mastery!

In other words, in your daily life, the Scrum Master:

  • It makes the PO understand the development of the product;
  • It makes the Scrum Team understand the functions of Scrum events;
  • Increases the autonomy of the Scrum Team, making them self-managing and removing impediments;
  • Helps the company to adopt Scrum by working together with other Scrum Masters;
  • Ensures the commitment and understanding of the goals, scope and mastery of the product by all of the team.

With that, we understand that the Scrum Master has a fundamental role in the success of the methodology in the company. Finding a good Scrum Master is not an easy task. Still, it is possible to train people on your team who have an engaged, focused, systematic, and courageous profile to learn the best Scrum practices and make you responsible for guiding Scrum POs and Times to an increasingly efficient path.

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