Remember Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona? The team that transformed football in recent years and became known for its style of play. A methodology affectionately dubbed “tiki taka” did not succeed by mere chance or the genius of the great stars of the team, the Argentine Lionel Messi and the Spanish Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernández.

The main reason that made the team led by Pep to be a multi-champion and revolutionize football was the method applied to both the central team and the base categories of the club. The entire football chain of Barcelona was transformed and started to serve the organization.

Despite being revolutionary and having changed the way clubs play and work in their daily lives, Guardiola and Cia did not create anything in their heads. Coaches like Johan Cruyff and Telê Santana had already done similar jobs that were just as successful. What this Barcelona did was to analyze the resources it had available, the market, and, mainly, what were the club’s objectives and defined: “Més que un club.”

Just like a football club, companies need to follow methodologies. Imagine your company today. Each team, sector, area, and the board has a functioning, has its rituals that are based on what manager / responsible for the team believes to be the best. To manage the whole company is complicated since it’s not easy to find the points for improvement and propose changes that will improve the results.

Remember the maxim “What is not measured is not managed”? Well, Robert Kaplan means that you need to know where to find the error to correct it without guessing, based on data. And it is through statistical methods that you can transform your company.

That is, it is necessary to have a methodology capable of giving you a path to follow. The word method comes from the Greek term méthodos, which means “way,” referring to the means used to reach an end.

So, if you want to be “more than a company,” you need to have a very well defined goal! Know where your company wants to go and direct all your efforts to this point. Here at Roads, we use OKRs to set our Objectives. It is the methodology we use at the company’s strategic level.

Discipline and persistence by methods characterize large successful companies. When Andy Grove became famous for being the father of OKR, he did not reinvent the wheel by creating another methodology of the head. For some years, he implemented other tools, saw how it worked, generated results, and made improvements until he reached the final methodology he called OKR.

Now that you know where you want to go with your company, you need to define how you will get there and what will be done. Choose a methodology and apply it to your teams before thinking about changing according to what you believe.

Like Guardiola’s Barcelona, ​​Johan Cruyff in the Dutch team (as a player) and Barcelona (as a coach), Telê Santana in the Brazilian teams of 82 and 86 and we here at Roads, you should know your organization and know some management tools for implementing them most faithfully. Here I will leave three methodologies that we use on Roads and that you can already apply in your teams, they are:

OKRs – to the strategic level

Milestones – for the tactical level

Scrum – for the operational level

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