Why use Milestones?

A successful company is a company that works to generate value for customers, thus supplying a market need and, as a consequence, profit from it.

Several companies have the ideas of what to do, but still are unable to organize deliveries, working on several of them at the same time and finishing none, thus reducing the value generated to customers.

Using the Milestones system is a way of knowing what you want to deliver and dividing these deliveries into smaller parts that, when completed, show that the delivery has been made.

How do Milestones help me generate value?

Every company has a hard time knowing what to prioritize to generate more value for the customers it has or those it wants to reach. However, when using the Milestones system, product managers (or Product Owners) are able to have a clearer vision of what is sought to deliver as a whole, instead of prioritizing tasks of several deliveries at the same time.

We like to say that half the work done is worse than none done. In the first case, time and resources were spent, without delivering value, while in the second, in the same way, no value was generated, but there was no time or other valuable resources spent.

By focusing on one delivery at a time, both the Product Owner and the team, because they know more clearly which delivery they are focused on, with more motivation and deliveries will have more quality, with a view of the whole, rather than just the parts.

But what are Milestones?

Milestones are deliveries that aim to generate value when completed, breaking large deliveries, such as “building an attractive blog”, in smaller tasks, such as “creating blog main page”, “creating blog template”, among others.

The use of Milestones is extremely important when we want to make deliveries clear so that the team knows exactly what they are working on and what tasks are needed to deliver value.

Summing Up

If you have a company, work managing teams or even are a member of the operational team, the use of Milestones is extremely beneficial, as it increases the generation of value for your existing customers or for future ones, by dividing deliveries into blocks with the tasks needed to perform them, such as acceptance criteria to know when you can drop the feature or other type of delivery to the general public!

Now that you know the importance of using Milestones in your company, how about reading our Paper on the subject to go deeper?

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