What to do?

Or in the next quarter you are already cheating, I imagine that you are still a little short of Covid-19, a vast majority of two companies were defeated and your goals were or will not be impossible, correct?

Well, in this scenario of uncertainty, management methodologies still make more sense. For this reason, they are used on a large scale by Startups. Startups and Scaleups entrepreneurs live in roller coaster neighborhoods. It works the same way you can do it right and do nothing to start doing it wrong, or it can happen.

They will discover how to strategic management in a world of uncertainty; finally, many days that prove or your business model can grow quickly, getting customers from all over the world. The vast majority of them use agile methods to perform their management.

OKR is one of those methodologies, used to make management of objectives and keys make quarter . And for that reason, I have a question: how will you be in the next quarter?

You can continue with everything or with your time, sometimes working in search of two goals for the year. With these fixed goals that you set in January, before thinking about Covid-19. And I can prove that I can still reach them.

Or it can be realistic. Most of the two companies will not be able to meet the same goals that they have. Either the world has changed, or the macroeconomic center is no longer the same.

Facing reality

Pursuing the same goals at the beginning of the year can be defined or in the opposite direction; finally, as long as no one seems transparent, everything is uncertain. No one needs to express anything, but will everyone still believe they will achieve the same goals?

That’s right. As Startups, we use OKRs. It is complicated to establish a goal of doubling the company at the end of the year and achieving its result in 6 months, but it is even more challenging to be able to keep everything or the cheated time you can make.

These companies use short three-month OKR cycles, raising new goals for the company every quarter and every two times, so we know it’s not a matter of uncertainty for longevity.

Set quarterly goals to map the most viable for all time. Because it is planned for something close, taking into account everything that is happening internally and outside dining rooms.

OKRs need to be monitored! It does not make sense to define and define the goals of the quarter and the conference result or not final. What will happen if it works that way? To write and conquer, life would be much easier.

Without monitoring, all objectives are lost. It is just or against what we want. We want each of the people in the company to have two goals for the company in time, that everyone works to achieve them in the same way to reach or leave work.

Side dish

The monitoring of the main results should be a weekly rotation. It is necessary to create this complementary routine, and, like any routine, it requires discipline and commitment from everyone. Likewise, he met with colleagues to discuss all the company’s OKRs that need to be monthly.

Trust and success for any organization and, for this reason, they will present the main results and efforts to achieve them, which is essential to maintain or time together in pursuit of two goals for the entire company.

The quarterly review of objectives generates Agis cycles that boost the company. As time went by to improve the use of the methodology, a company began to adapt much more quickly to all these centers of uncertainty, managing to allocate time and effort to our main objectives for the quarter.

So, do I want to come back to the question or what will happen next quarter? Continue as nothing happened or understand that the world is constantly changing and that you are getting faster and faster in your company and need to adapt your strategy?

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