When we think about the future, we get lost in the world of possibilities. Dreams are always big and wide. In the manager’s mind, opportunities are often wide open, if all the objectives for the company are clear within his imagination. And at this point you are asking yourself: How can I be guided by macro objectives?

Not everything is flowers, does the manager’s head not move the company alone ?. It is necessary to communicate all these objectives to the company, in addition, it is necessary to make it very clear how it will be measured. For this, we use OKRs.

Creating a goal on paper is more difficult than what exists in the head. It is necessary to transcribe the objective, making the entire text clear to everyone who needs to know that objective.

Likewise, prioritizing goals is the main challenge. We always recommend starting to use OKRs in the simplest possible way, and for that reason, create a single Objective, with few key results.

But, how to leave a single objective as the direction of the company?

This is a difficult question to answer, after all, the company needs to achieve many things and summarize all of them in a single sentence, clear to everyone is quite a challenge. It takes the ability to understand the company / team in the most macro way possible, after all, a single objective will guide the next quarter.

And for those who are thinking that they have many objectives that may not yet be met by what has been defined, be sure, rather an objective that is not yet perfect, than many undefined objectives. You may not have been able to extrapolate as much as possible the ability to create a macro goal, but you need to start, time runs out.

How can it be measured?

After creating a macro objective, the next step is to think about how it can be measured. The creation of key results is the time to sign agreements, which measure the satisfaction of the entire company with what has been proposed.

Achieving the Key Results, and not really seeing the objective becoming reality is discouraging, generates distrust, between the people involved and the OKR method. Therefore, taking time to be able to create the best OKRs for the quarter is essential. This ensures that you will arrive at the end of the quarter more satisfied with all your work, from planning to execution.

The creation of Key Results must be concerned with actually defining the achievement of the Goal in a measurable way. That is why you should be concerned with indicators that truly measure the Objective. How to identify which Indicators are then becomes the challenge, after all, each company is unique.

Answering this requires scenario analysis by the creators, after all, it is necessary to understand the internal and external macro scenario, whether of the team or the company, and in the same way the micro scenarios, involving strengths and weaknesses. Each person has their own way of thinking, that’s why I leave their shape with you.

You need to answer: if I really want to reach that goal and find myself satisfied with it, what will be my main achievements? You can even follow many indicators, but I want you to leave them all aside for now.

What would your greatest achievement really be?

An objective is formed by multiple indicators, it can be measured in different ways, because it is truly intangible. Each observer of that objective has his own way of seeing what is important to him. Creating key results key results is to create trust criteria, unique to everyone on the team, measuring your progress by objective.

And that is the main thing about OKR, being the direction for your company, of the imagination of each one involved. For this very reason, it needs to be macro and encompass all its possibilities to the maximum. It needs to be clear, so that everyone can have the right work direction.

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