At the business world, every employee must have two kinds of ability: the Hard Skills and the Soft Skills.
The Soft Skills are the abilities related to the person’s behavior. They’re the most subjective characteristics and also the most hard to be trained.

On the other hand, the Hard Skills are the abilities which can be learnt and taught by courses, capacitations, training or workshops. They’re usually bonded to a technical professional’s characteristic. 

A good professional always must search for these two kinds of abilities, and it’s the enterprise’s function to help their staff to develop them according to the work’s demand and the needs from the role exerced. 

Saying this, let’s go straight to the Scrum’s World to list the three most relevant abilities whose each Scrum Master should have to become an excellent conductor of the method.

1. Train about Scrum and Agile

This must seem like an obvious characteristic when we talk about this subject, but is really important to remember that this is the main Hard Skill from a GOOD Scrum Master. It’s necessary to study and know well as the Scrum Framework as the Agile Methodologies!

Don’t underestimate these methods and search knowledge to improve your performance!

2. Technical Familiarity – Hard Skills on your acting area

This is a little generic item, but extremely important. Independently from your acting area as Scrum Master, you must have at least a bit technical knowledge about it. It’s necessary due to your functions as the Product Owner’s assistant to plan and guide the team to deliver it’s maximum. 

If you don’t understand the minimum of the technical appliance of this team, you hardly will be able to perform your role. Know what is your role on practice, and also know the theory of what are you spreading.

3. To elicit, write and analyse requirements

As you know, the Scrum Master has a crucial role at describing the tasks in the most detailed way for the Scrum Team. For this, writing skills, requirement analysis, obtaining specific information and knowing how to transform big tasks in small ones is fundamental to your routine!

If you achieve these three abilities you’ll be far above many professionals! If you wish this abilities and want to receive Scrum Master’s certifications, you can count on our free courses at Roads Academy.

Don’t forget to also keep searching information about your team’s actuation area, and also to improve your writing skills and techniques intending to always help you Scrum Team to deliver the highest possible value.


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