Nowadays, business strategy is in focus. Everyone talks about purpose, mission, vision, values, about understanding what employees think and their needs, we will explain how the creation of Milestones done correctly will help your company to reach the point where all this is aligned.

We also have high growth in the adoption of agile management methodologies, focused on quick executions and that generate value for customers in the first cycles.

What is often not talked about is how to align the company’s strategy and execution, so that the strategy contributes to the execution and vice versa. We do not want to create goals so as not to achieve them, we want the opposite: to create these goals and see employees being guided by them, prioritizing the tasks that will contribute to this. And for that, we will teach you everything about the creation of Milestones.

That’s where Milestones come in. Clear deliveries that are necessarily linked to the achievement of a goal and its key results, creating that link between what is desired and what is carried out, making the work more and more directed to what really matters.

This is the dream of every modern entrepreneur, but often the way to create this link is confusing, gray and foggy, and our goal with this text is to show how simple and intuitive it is to create this.

Let’s take as an example a marketing team of a company still in the creation phase, going to the market. They aim for the first quarter to “Show people how our company works”, and three key results: reach 3,000 visitors on the site, convert 10% of visitors to leads and obtain leads from at least 3 countries.

So the leaders, with these goals in mind, think about the possible deliverables that, when carried out, will bring them closer to that goal and key results, such as “setting up an attractive blog”.

Based on this Milestone (it’s what we call deliveries that will take us towards the goal), we should break it down into smaller tasks, which, when performed, will make the delivery run completely.

The biggest difficulty encountered when a company is going to adopt the use of Milestones is not exactly understanding how it works as a link between strategy and execution, without belonging to either, but influencing both. To facilitate understanding, we will use the previous example, in which we aim to show people how our company works, and a Milestone to set up an attractive blog, whose tasks, for example, are “creating blog homepage”, “Set up post structure”, “create authors page with photo and description” and “write 5 initial posts”.

As a way to keep the content fresh, let’s remember our steps so far, first, we had to have a defined goal with its key results. Based on this objective, we created complex Milestones (deliveries) that, when completed, will lead us towards completing the objective, and from that delivery, we divided it into smaller, executable and well-described tasks so that our employees know exactly what that must be done to complete that delivery, generating value and bringing us closer to our goal.

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