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homem checando okr no seu tablet

OKR: How Modern Companies Do

How do modern companies use OKR to dominate markets previously unimaginable?

scrum master trabalhando

Scrum Master: The Guardians of the Methodology

Learn more about the Scrum Master, a fundamental part of Scrum, being responsible for defining strategies to improve the team's efficiency.

Rolls of wool unwinding compared to demystifying the creation of milestones

Demystifying the Creation of Milestones

We want to create goals and see employees being guided by them. Getting the Creation of Milestones right is essential for this.

Employees using OKRs to manage their goals

Why are Companies Using OKRs to Manage their Goals?

More and more these companies have stood out in the media. And why? They are agile companies, focused on results and are using OKRs to manage their goals.