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Hard Skills: 3 essential abilities to become an excellent Scrum Master

Hard Skills are fundamental abilities that can be learned and taught. A good Scrum Master should always seek to improve them.

How to set either possible and challeging KRs

Your goals are responsible to set your objectives, but what makes it achieve success or not, is the challenge you must overcome.


3 reasons why you should get used to changes

From the day we were born until now, we have evolved to become what we are today, and we certainly won't remain that way. That's continuous improvement.


How to be Agile without being rushed

We have this popular saying who tells: "the hurry is enemy of the perfection". As many others, it says truth. The Agile Culture will show you why.


The 4 imposters who have been sabotaging your Home Office

Working at home demands a lot from each one of us. Thinking about that, we've identified the 4 imposters whose are sabotaging your home office.


How creating a Backlog help you to priorize your deliveries

When you finish doing a task for the company, have you found yourself not knowing what to do next? This is a recurring problem when you don't have an organized list of what needs to be done.


Strategic planning and its methologic evolution

Strategic Planning is a great tool for any company that wants to prepare and advance in multiple situations, becoming proactive when facing its challenges.


Why implementing Milestones on your Company

After introduce OKRs and Scrum on ClubPetro, we first had the feeling we're rounding in circles. Implementing Milestones, we saw a solution.

multiples directions to OKRs

Directioning OKRs: why is it important?

Directioning with OKRs were we wanted to reach and communicated it to all have made our finish line clear, as well the road mapping.

dente-de-leão se espalhando representando nossa escalada com o Scrum

Spreading Scrum to the entire enterprise: our journey

Even being small yet, we already saw the necessity of an efficient management method. Consequently, initiated our journey spreading Scrum in the company.