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How creating a Backlog help you to priorize your deliveries

When you finish doing a task for the company, have you found yourself not knowing what to do next? This is a recurring problem when you don't have an organized list of what needs to be done.


Strategic planning and its methologic evolution

Strategic Planning is a great tool for any company that wants to prepare and advance in multiple situations, becoming proactive when facing its challenges.


Why implementing Milestones on your Company

After introduce OKRs and Scrum on ClubPetro, we first had the feeling we're rounding in circles. Implementing Milestones, we saw a solution.

multiples directions to OKRs

Directioning OKRs: why is it important?

Directioning with OKRs were we wanted to reach and communicated it to all have made our finish line clear, as well the road mapping.

dente-de-leão se espalhando representando nossa escalada com o Scrum

Spreading Scrum to the entire enterprise: our journey

Even being small yet, we already saw the necessity of an efficient management method. Consequently, initiated our journey spreading Scrum in the company.

the first step towards a new management

The first step towards Agile: How was my first Sprint

After making the decision to implement Scrum at ClubPetro came the first step in practice: making our first Sprint and learning from it!

deploy Scrum

The road to deploy Scrum is hard, but rewarding

Deploying Scrum in your company is a difficult path, but in this text we'll help you with our learning, the mistakes and successes.

Changes representing the act of fixing the most common mistakes when using Scrum

Mistakes when using Scrum: what we learned at ClubPetro

I feel obliged to tell you about some of what I consider the main mistakes when using Scrum, which are also the most common to happen

results of using Scrum

The Results of using Scrum at ClubPetro

In this text you will know the results we had when using Scrum in ClubPetro. Understand the whole story and know that you can do the same in your company.

origamis representing the cultural change that Scrum requires

Scrum requires a cultural change: how did we do at ClubPetro?

The greatest learning when applying Scrum is: more than implementing a methodology, Scrum requires a cultural change, and that's what we did at ClubPetro.

ClubPetro, my first company that started to use Scrum

What led me to use Scrum at ClubPetro: a Story

I always liked to understand how companies work, especially how they manage and I found in Scrum the right methodology to use at ClubPetro