That Scrum is a fever among practically all Startups and several companies in traditional branches, we all know. But in this article, we will tell you the main reasons why this methodology is so used in the largest companies in the world. Check out the 6 reasons for you to use Scrum in your company!

1. Greater team motivation

Because it works in pre-defined periods, which cannot be increased or decreased in any case, teams feel a greater motivation to deliver what was prioritized and combined on time, thus increasing the speed of deliveries and reducing noise during the deadline.


2. Adaptability

The control of empirical processes and iterative delivery make the projects adaptable and open to the incorporation of changes.

While traditional methods of development, especially the cascade, value extensive analysis and rigid definitions of requirements, aiming at “security” (or the false feeling of it), Scrum embraces the unpredictability that a long project has when inserting more resilience in plans.


3. Elimination of waste

We avoid one of the biggest causes of waste at work, which is to perform tasks that are not important for those who want to achieve, whether that audience is made up of internal customers or external customers. And we do this by reducing the length of work cycles to a maximum of 4 weeks and prioritizing the order of tasks to be performed by value,


4. Transparency

All projects using Scrum must be public to everyone in the organization. This clarity creates high transparency between the different teams, as each has access to what the others are doing at any time.

It is also important to remember that, with a transparent work system, the chances of someone who is not part of the team having an idea that can help the teamwork and generate value for stakeholders.


5. Rapid detection of errors and problems

When using Scrum, we fragment the size of the tasks and decrease the size of the work cycles, making daily check-up meetings, the chances of discovering an error or problem increase exponentially.

Think with me: if you traditionally manage projects, planning everything from beginning to end and try to do it all at once, just checking that everything is right at the end of this project, the chances of, at the end of the period, you discover that several steps had errors. The project was delayed due to several problems that occurred during that work cycle, which could be avoided if small conversations were carried out, are more significant.


6. Ease of viewing progress

We fragment the tasks and score them with Story Points to know what level of effort will be needed to perform each one. We use the Burndown Chart to keep the visualization of progress clear to everyone, and we can know at any time the status of the project, whether it is ahead of schedule, on schedule or behind schedule. Therefore, we act based on data to have a project executed on time and with relevant deliveries for our stakeholders.


Now that you’ve seen the 6 reasons to use Scrum in your company click here to read our full Scrum Paper!

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